This restaurant finds its muse in the Maximum City and it's Maximum Damsels Bombay in the 60's - Purring to a prowl of a cat out in the wild where delicate Art Noveau was meeting the Industrial Revolution and Bollywood Bloom.

 Junglee Billee is a dedication and a celebration  of this extraordinary city and its rare women and their untameable free spirit poetically translated into art, architecture and apparel with a purr and a meow.

It is India's first, exclusively curated Boutique-Studio-in-Bar and exclusive club bar for women members
It is a highly stylized, designer eatery and lifestyle destination dedicated to the deserving Divas of modern times
Almost every element in the resto-studio – (furniture, lights, table tops, wall art, curios, objects d'art) – are specifically curated and exclusively designed and are for sale.
The restaurant is Tongue in cheek quirky, curated, crafted, cared and bespoke.