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New India Bioscope Co. is an (ad)venture founded by Nida Mahmood. Self confessed street-o-holic of India's colorful alleyways Nida draws inspiration from the quirks and vibrancy of Indian streets, nooks and crannies. The people, faces, dialogues, conversations, walls and shops, chai stalls, posters, hoardings, songs, dances, rickshaws, crows and cows of Indian multi-hued ethos are all lead characters in New India Bioscope Co’s rambunctious Technicolor drama. All these characters play their parts on art, graphics, furniture, light fixtures, clothes, accessories, films etc. designed by New India Bioscope Co.

In this project we are trying to rediscover and reinvent a vanished art form by rehabilitating and collaborating with those poster artists who were forced out of their art and livelihood because of the advent of modern day technology.