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...Not all those who wander are lost

An ode to the mystics and minstrels, the footloose and fancy free

The ones with their feet dancing on earth and minds in the open sky

Must!-Qalandar is a celebration.

A celebration of the relationship between mother earth and her favorite vagabond

Eco-passionate, organic, natural
Free-spirited and spontaneous

Must!-Qalandar rises from our roots
Weaving colorful stories and spinning dramatic yarns
About our lost crafts and traditions
Chugging through time and space - steampunking ahead!

The collection is a melange of textiles from various regions of India.
Beautiful weaves from narayanpet in Andhra Pradesh. Rich tussars from Bhagalpur. Exotic silks and some modern fabrics form the backbone of the collection.
Techniques used are Kantha from Bengal, Daboo printing from Rajasthan and some modern interpretations of these techniques garnished with the quirks of India.
Prints take an interesting turn marrying the softness of indian imagery in a steampunk fashion.

Colors are inspired by the eco-passionate organic traveller in shades of blues and greens. A dash of orange, yellow, grey and greyscale with a twist of red!