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Circling on the edge of the urban forest, there is a rare breed of the original cats of cool feline, ferocious, flaming. As virile as she is vulnerable, fire & fleur in equal measures of calm and chaos

This collection finds its muse in the Maximum City and it's Maximum Damsels

Bombay in the 60's - Purring to a prowl of a cat out in the Wild Where delicate Art Noveau was meeting the Industrial Revolution and Bollywood Bloom?

The Maximum Damsels - in no distress baring their fangs to regressive, orthodox ideas scratching out their own independent identity with grit and with grace.

Junglee Billee is a dedication and a celebration of this extraordinary city and its rare women and their untamable free spirit poetically translated into art, architecture and apparel with a purr and a meow.


The Collection:


Silhouettes are inspired by the boxy fluid characteristics of Art Nouveau style of art.


Prints create the most important aspect of the collection not just owing to the value of the visual impact but from the core of the concept.
These have been developed keeping in mind the strong yet fluid nature of Art Nouveau. Very much like the strong-minded women who are the inspiration, the prints have the gentleness of the essence of being a woman but at the same time the strong mindedness of a strong willed individual. These prints represent a strong direction while being delicate and gentle in appearance.
Subtle yet with a strong language. The prints and colors work hand in hand to create the collection.


Main techniques being printing and patchwork, this collection plays with transparency and opacity as a strong design language. Play of colors, textures and prints is key to the collection.

Color story:

Colors are in a soft color palette. Ranging from soft blues to lemons to pale oranges. Shades of greens to soft pinks, peaches and nude, the color palette is a plethora of shades of colors that I have not used before.


Print friendly fabrics like georgettes, crepes and neo-prene have been extensively used. Also used satin twill, heavy gauge, four way stretch net and silk satin.