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This Collection is a Dance As Basanti Tango's to a tune she is the Freida of the Flapper Forties With flowers in her hair and a song on her feet pirouetting in the golden autumn sun in a Bohemian Waltz of Bombay Velvet, the collection is set in the jazz India of 1940s. Basanti is freida who has found her way to the enchanting land of the sepia. With beautiful handloom organic fabrics to funky digital prints, the collection finds a wonderful balance of the earthy and the flamboyant. From the Ballrooms to the Boondocks, the spirit of Bombay and the soul of Jazz music wafted across lines of color, class and creed binding together diversities and adversities creating a cross-cultural melting cauldron where elite Anglo-Indians, Genteel Parsees, Gregarious Goan's, Nationalists, Radicals, Nobles or Plebs came together to instigate and imbibe this brave new wave. Silhouettes are inspired by the ease of jazz spiked with the bohemian spirit of Freida. Variations of tail coat dresses and jackets, easy relaxed tunics and shirts, cocoon tops, trench dresses, waist coats, some structured jackets and skirts, body con dresses, leggings and throws complete the collection. Colors range from shades of light grey to deep charcoal. Ink, indigo and midnight blue being very prominent.Shades of orange and rusts, fuschias, burnt yellows with hints of brown. Teamed with a generous flash or red. Techniques of treatment include flocking, matting, various kinds of printing techniques and patchwork. Fabrics range from fine handlooms to silk based mill made fabrics. Lots of checks and stripes in cottons and silks.